Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

Assessments can answer the important questions you have about yourself or your child.

I know that getting answers has been difficult for you and you feel like no one has been able to help. Imagine if you could have a better understanding of yourself or your child that would enable you to access resources to make life more liveable.

Assessment may be right for you if you: 

  • feel different from others
  • classes and learning are difficult for you
  • have difficulty managing your moods
  • find that current services or treatment are not working for you

If this sounds like you, then a comprehensive assessment could help answer your questions and provide guidance on the most appropriate learning environments, resources, and treatment for you or your child.

Comprehensive Assessments include:

  • a detailed interview with client and/or their guardians reviewing developmental history, academic, social, and emotional concerns
  • standardized assessments tailored to your particular concerns and questions (this may include testing of cognitive, language, executive functioning, adaptive, academic, emotional, social, and behavioral domains)
  • behavioral observations of you or your child in the testing situation
  • a comprehensive report including a write up of all testing results, diagnoses, and recommendations for best treatments and next steps
  • a feedback session reviewing all results, answering questions, and discussing next steps


I offer a variety of assessments to assist in answering your most important questions. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment

Dyslexia and Learning Disability Assessment

Cognitive/ IQ Assessment

Personality and Mood Assessment



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