Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

I know you have always felt different and that you just never really belonged anywhere. 

It feels impossible to get anything done and you worry that you will never amount to anything.

Even the idea of going after something you care about (whether that is pursuing school, a new career, a relationship, or getting yourself out of a negative situation), feels like way too much to handle and you have no idea where to start.

You can barely take care of yourself enough to get out of bed, shower, and eat. Let alone do work, eat healthy, clean your place, and somehow have time left over for socializing and fun.

You are afraid that there is no way out of this mess and that you will never be able to do it all on your own.

Imagine if you could wake up every day and despite what your mind is telling you (because I know it will keep screaming, “You can’t do it,” “You’re not good enough,”) still work towards the stuff that you really care about. 

Instead of giving in every time your mind tells you to, you could continue to move toward what matters. What if I told you it was possible to finally go for what you want and that you won’t spontaneously combust, or fall to pieces along the way?

I often tell  my clients that I do not have a magic wand, and I cannot promise your pain will go away (because, hey, guess what- pain means you are human!), but I can promise that you will learn to live with your pain in a new way and stop putting your life on hold. 

When I meet with new clients, they generally tell me they have already tried it all and nothing  worked. They want something different, they want change, they want their lives back.

I have been told I am not the traditional therapist you think of. Yes, sure, I will offer you tools and skills to help you, but the way I really see the difference I will make in your life is by changing the way you see and interact with yourself and your world.

Seriously, no joke, I am telling you there is a different way to do it, you just don’t know it yet. Your family didn’t teach you, society didn’t teach you, but that’s ok, I’ve got you.

Contrary to popular thought,  I am a real person too. I am not immune to the same negative thoughts, feelings, and worries that you have and I SOOO get it. I will connect in your pain but won’t let you hang out and wallow in your negative thoughts alone.

I will challenge you to look at the way you are seeing and doing things and encourage you to try new ways that will be more effective. 

Trust me, I’ve walked this walk myself. I have also worked with many clients who thought there was NO WAY out of their pain, but now are able to relate to their pain differently.

This is the power of individual therapy. Let’s do this thing! 

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